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I welcome you to book your initial assessment session by filling in this contact form. I will then contact you via email to arrange your first hour exploratory session via Zoom.  (please download zoom onto your computer in preparation for this and I will send you a zoom code or we can talk on the phone) The cost of this is £80 or in person at the Sea Light in Devon one hour sessions are £120. This is where you get to ask all the questions you want to ask and share with me what you are tender with and passionate about exploring along with what you are wanting to overcome and change in your life.

to book please click on this link:-

This will be an experience exploring how embodiment training might transform your life developing resources and confidence for being in your own drivers seat and not a passenger in others cars or your own! We will explore, practice and assess together with tenderness where you are and what you are wanting to change. This helps us plan together the achievable steps for firing and wiring new neural networks through practice so you can change what is not working for you now. 

I support you to explore and experiment with new ways of being and successfully integrate these changes into your life.

I invite you, when filling in this form, to feel into what you are wanting in relation to your intimacy and relationship needs, with your body confidence and sexual expression longings.


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International / transport

There are direct trains to Dawlish from London Paddington (3-3.5 hours travel time) as well as from Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. UK train times can be checked and booked here.
If you are travelling from Amsterdam, Ireland, Paris or parts of Spain the closest airport is Exeter.
For most European travellers the closest airport is Bristol. There is a bus to Bristol Parkway station then a 90-120 minute train journey.
Transcontinental participants will probably fly to London in which case London Heathrow is about 30 minutes closer than London Gatwick.